How it works?

What's the deal?

  • Staff and students at participating universities are allowed to purchase up to 2 (laptops and tablets) of each of the deals on offer per year at significantly reduced prices.
  • Students will achieve a further saving of approximately R3 500 on laptops as the laptop they purchase will be pre-installed with Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 (with an option to choose Windows 7 and Office 2010). (Staff members who purchase laptops may, at the vendors’ discretion, be given this software for free as well.)
  • Accessories, upgrades and extra warranties are also available for purchase.
Are staff members allowed to buy at these discounted prices too?

Staff members who purchase laptops or tablets in their personal capacity will also be able to participate in these deals.

Are staff and students from non-participating universities or colleges allowed to buy at these discounted prices too?

No, unfortunately not. This special pricing has been made available only to participating universities. Individuals who are not at one of the participating universities can purchase the same models from the vendors at retail prices.

How will the vendor differentiate between my purchase and the man-on-the-street?

All participating universities will assist the vendors to authenticate that the purchaser is either a registered student or a staff member. You will be required to provide certain information at the time of purchase that will identify you as such.

Will the prices change?

Yes, they may change. At this level of discounting, any fluctuation in the Rand/Dollar exchange rate or other business factors will influence the pricing. Be sure to check the pricing at the time of purchase.

How do you place an order?

You will need to register on this website. You will be required to provide certain information so that you can be verified as a bona fide staff member or registered student. You will also be able to purchase via toll free phone numbers shown on each vendor's page.

What about support and after-sales service?

There are slight differences in the way that each vendor has packaged their deals, especially with regard to after sales support, so make sure that you evaluate their offerings before purchasing. Please see each vendor's page for details of their additional cover warranties and how and where you will access their after-sales service.


ASAUDIT, on behalf of the South Africa universities, negotiated prices with specific suppliers for specific laptops that are now being offered to qualifying students. All transactions relating to the procurement of the laptops will be between the computer supplier and the end-user. Neither ASAUDIT nor the universities are in a position to guarantee the quality of the product or related services.